Initial Load in Central Finance

During any SAP Central Finance project when the organization need the data of the past financial period(s) to be available in the Central System. This is generally being seen due to the reporting requirements. Let’s take an example:

  • SAP Central Finance going live in August 2023
  • Fiscal Year of the Organization is Jan-Dec
  • Scope includes 1 SAP ECC system (for now to simplify the explanation)
  • Now when the Go Live happens on 1st August 2023 reporting requirement is to have the data for the whole fiscal year in one system to run the financial year reporting.
  • In this case the initial load duration is from 1st Jan 2023 to 31st July 2023
  • From August 1 the replication will start in central system

So at the end of the year the central finance system will have the data for 1st Jan 2023 to 31st Dec 2023 for reporting purposes.

Empty Initial Load

Loading of data at the start of CFIN go live is always an option for the organization. They may or may not bring in balances and open items and documents from last fiscal year. However to start the replication its always a technical requirement to complete the initial load. So in this case the concept of empty initial load comes into picture. Initial load is executed without any data transfer however this execution fills the technical requirement of marking initial load complete in staging tables.

When an organization is doing a CFIN POC and want to prove that CFIN really works then to save time empty initial load is executed (again to meet technical requirements)

In Your ECC system


  1. Company Code
  2. Empty
  3. Put future year
  4. Put anything between 1-12
  5. Put 12
  6. No input
  7. No input

Initial Load Execution

This step is recommended as it gives the errors before the load and those should be resolved before doing the load. It reduces the error in Initial load.


Double click on Error messages

Click on “Show Error Overview” and it will show the error summary

Now select any error and click “Show detail”

At this point we know the error but don’t know which company code and which document from source system has a problem

Copy package detail from here.

Now go back to previous screen and filter on package

Double click on package

Now it shows which document/company code is in error and what is the exact error all about

This needs to be resolved and then the process needs to be re-executed.

Last Update: August 17, 2023  

January 25, 2023 73 AbhayDev  About Central Finance
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