Replication of CO postings that do not flow in via FI (for example, cost center allocation) (actuals only: value types 04 and 11) flow via CO replication.

Note – Any Primary CO document (referred as COIN) is transferred along with FI document in the Initial Load as well as online replication. So below is only applicable for Non-COIN

Supported business transactions are

  • KAMV – Manual Cost Allocation
  • KOAL – Actual Settlement of Internal Activity Allocation
  • KOAO – Actual Settlement (Not for CO-PA scenario)
  • KSI0 – Actual Cost Center Split
  • KSI1 – Actual Split Costs (Primary)
  • KSI2 – Actual Split Costs (Secondary)
  • KSI3 – Actual Split Costs Internal Activity Allocation
  • KSII – Actual Price Calculation
  • KZPI – Actual Overhead (Periodic)
  • RKIU – Actual Overhead Assessment
  • RKIV – Actual Overhead Distribution
  • RKL – Actual Activity Allocation
  • RKLN – Revaluation at Actual Price
  • RKLT – Actual Template Allocation
  • RKU1 – Repost Costs
  • KZPR – Actual Overhead (Realtime)
  • RKIL – Actual Inverse Activity Allocation
  • RKS – Enter Statistical Key Figures
  • RKLX – Predistribution of fixed costs
  • KAZI – Actual cost center accrual
  • RKIB – Actual Periodic Repostings
  • RKU2 – Repost revenue
  • KTDA – COPA: TOP-DOWN: Actuals
  • RRIU – Segment adjust.: Act. Assess.
  • RRIV – Segment adjust.: Act. distrib.
  • RKN – Actual non-alloc. activities
  • KOLI – Collective order delivery
  • RRIB – Seg. adjust.: Act.per.repost.
  • RKU3 – Repost CO line items
  • GPDP – Distribution Primary Costs
  • GPDS – Distribution Secondary Costs
  • JVIU – JV Actual assessment
  • JVIV – JV Actual distribution
  • JRIU – JV-Seg.adjustm.assessment
  • JRIV – JV-Seg.adjustm.distribution

During CO Initial Load (which happens via SLT)

  • System converts CO-PA line items and characteristics into the key-value pair structure in the CFIN_COPA table.
  • System starts storing references of the original documents for the reposting documents using the RKU3 business transaction.
  • Systems starts modifying the CFIN_CO_ADD table, moving elements from the COKEY table into the CFIN_CO_ADD table

During this step the below tables that are updated are:

  • CFIN_CO_ADD – For CO Document additional data mainly the cost object information
  • CFIN_COPA – For the CO-PA data of the relevant CO Document being transferred
  • CFIN_JOB_LOG_CO – For logs the CO Initial load preparation steps
  • CFIN_MIG_LOG_CO – For CO Initial Load execution log

When SAP starts transferring CO data from SAP ECC system via CFIN to SAP S/4HANA the below tables are updated:



Skipping CO-PA related information during CO secondary posting replication

SAP gives option to skip the CO-Pa related postings when data transfer happen to CFIN but it should be a business decision and close consultation is required with business in order to take care of possible side effects. If its decided to skip the CO-PA information the SKIP_COPA method needs to be implemented in the BAdI BAdI_FIN_CFIN_DOCUMENT in the source system.

Check SAP Note – 2645712 – Skip COPA in CFIN CO Document

Last Update: April 20, 2023  

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