The Central Projects (WBS) – Reporting Scenario allows you to subsequently post FI documents (journal entries) and CO documents with the account assignment to a work breakdown structure (WBS) element, and use the project reporting in the Central Finance system for those postings.

The WBS elements are maintained in the project system in a source system. To keep this information also in the journal entries (FI documents) that are replicated to the Central Finance system and allow the reporting in the Central Finance system, the project definition and WBS elements created in a source system are replicated in real-time to the Central Finance system. Also, changes to project definitions or WBS elements are replicated continuously to the Central Finance system.

For the replication of project data Application Link Enabling (ALE) is used. The Intermediate Document (IDoc) for projects contains the project data for replication. With SAP Application Interface Framework (AIF), you can monitor, whether project data have been replicated correctly.


WBS elements can have different identifiers in the source system and the Central Finance system. Also, the same identifiers can be used in two different source systems. Therefore, the identifiers are mapped to identifiers in the Central Finance system when the FI documents (journal entries) are posted. When a project is replicated to the Central Finance system for the first time, new identifiers are derived for the project and the WBS elements. During updates, changes are posted to the project names or WBS elements in the Central Finance system.

Initial Load for Project Master Data

For the initial load of project master data, you can use the transaction CJAL in the source system in order to replicate projects and WBS elements for the first time. With this transaction the ALE replication is called and an IDoc with projects and WBS elements is sent to the Central Finance system.


  • Re-posting projects with user changes in SAP AIF is not
  • You edit or change the projects in the source system. Youcannot edit or change them in the Central Finance
  • Once a project is released in the source system and thus replicated to the Central Financesystem, you cannot delete WBS elements anymore. You can enter a deletion flag
  • in the source system and the system status DLFL is replicated to the Central Finance
  • Once the projects are replicated to the Central Financesystem, the IDs of the project and the contained WBS elements can no longer be changed neither in the source system nor in the Central Finance
  • The WBS project structure only is replicated. Networks are not

Customer enhancements to the project and WBS elements are not replicated, for example fields defined in structure CI_PROJ.

Configuration in Source System

To allow ongoing replication of projects between a source system and the Central Finance system, you create an Application Link Enabling (ALE) distribution model in Customizing of the source system.


  • You have defined RFC connections from the source to theCentral Finance system using transaction SM59.
  • You have defined the business systems.
  • For references to WBS elements in the FI or CO documents to be replicated correctly from the source to the Central Finance system, you must have implemented the following SAP Notes in the source system – 2513048 and 2553477

Create ALE Distribution Model in the Source System

  • Launch transaction BD64- Display Distribution Model to add a distribution model for replicating project data for the respective source system. Alternatively, SALE >Modelling and Implementing Business Processes  > Maintain Distribution Model and Distribute Views and execute the IMG activity.

  • Switch to edit mode and then choose the Create Model View
  • Enter the required data and choose Continue.
  • Choose the model view that you have just created and then choose the Add BAPI

  • Enter the data as follows and then choose Continue:

  • Select the model view and then choose Environment > Generate Partner Profiles.
  • Choose Execute.

  • Select the model view and then choose EditModel View  Distribute

  • Go to the project model and expand the tree to the last nodeReceiver determination: no filter and double click it.
  • Choose the Create Filter Group button and expand the new filter group.

  • Click on Controlling Area or Project Profile and add the respective values and save your entries.

  • In the source system, call transaction WE20and create an entry for a new IDoc type in the Partner Profile.


The new IDoc type PROJECT02 allows you to replicate project data including custom fields for projects from a source system to the Central Finance system.

Configuration for SAP AIF

To enable your users to monitor messages for replicated projects and WBS elements in SAP AIF, you activate a BC set in the Central Finance system.

  1. Call up transaction SCPR20- Business Configuration Sets: Activation.
  2. Enter the BC-Set FINS_CFIN_AIF_PSand click on Activate BC Set (F7).


After you have done this, you can use transaction /AIF/ERR – Monitoring and Error Handling with Name Space /FINCF and Interface Name PS_OBJ to monitor AIF messages for replicated projects.

Next Step

It might be necessary to start transaction /AIF/DEL_STRUC_CACHE – Delete Structure Cache to display the correct texts within the transaction /AIF/ERR with Name Space /FINCF and Interface Name PS_OBJ.

Configuration in the Central Finance System

To allow ongoing replication of projects between a source system and the Central Finance system, you create an Application Link Enabling (ALE) distribution model and assign a process code in Customizing of the Central Finance system.

The steps are as follows:

  1. You create an Application Link Enabling (ALE) distribution model in the Central Financesystem for sending and receiving project data using transaction SALE or BD64.
  2. You assign a process code for the Central Projects (WBS) – Reporting Scenariousing transaction WE20.
  3. You specify a new interface determination for IDoc interfaces within SAP Application Interface Framework(SAP AIF).


You have ensured that the definition of the project mask defined in the Central Finance system does not lead to inconsistencies with the project masks defined in the source systems.

  • You have set the mapping action for the project and the WBS element to Obligatory.
  • You have implemented the Business Add-In (BAdI) Enhance Processing of Project Datafor project identifiers.


Create ALE Distribution Model in the Central Finance System

  1. Launch transaction BD64 – Display Distribution Model.
  2. Select the model view which has been distributed from the source system and then choose Environment  > Generate Partner Profiles.

  • Choose Execute.

Assign Process Code for the Central Projects (WBS) – Reporting Scenario in Partner Profile

  • In the Central Finance system, enter transaction WE20.
  • To define inbound parameter for the sending system, under Partner Profiles  > Partner Type LS choose the source system.
  • On the Post Processing: Permitted Agent tile under Inbound Paramters click on the Create Inbound Parameter icon, that is, add a new entry.

  • In the Partner Profiles: Inbound Parameters screen, enter the data as follows.

Define Interface Determination for IDoc Interfaces (SAP AIF)

  • In Customizing of SAP AIF (transaction /AIF/CUST) under System Configuration  Interface Determination perform the Define Interface Determination for IDoc Interfaces Customizing activity.

  • To create a new entry for interface determination, for Define Determination Key choose New Entries in change mode, enter the following and save your entries:

  • Select Assign Interfaces in the menu on the left-hand side and choose New Entries in change mode. Enter the following and save your entries:

Check Settings for Replication of Projects

To ensure that the configuration settings for the replication of project data is complete, you can use the Central Finance: Check Settings for Replications of Projects report in the Central Finance system.

The report checks, for example, the following configuration settings:

  • Is the BC set FINS_CFIN_AIF_PSextracted?
  • Is the right process code assigned in the Application Link Enabling(ALE) partner profile for the system selected?

Transaction WE20, the inbound handling for the Intermediate Document (IDoc) that holds the project data, needs to be assigned to the project code /FINS_CFIN_PS_PROJECT.

  • Is the mapping action for the project ID and work breakdown structure (WBS) element set to Mapping obligatoryfor the selected systems?
  • Is nocoding mask for projects defined?
  • Is the IDoc type PROJECT02defined as IDoc interface for SAP AIF?


  1. Call transaction SA38- ABAP Program Execution

Enter FINS_CFIN_PS_CHECK as the program and choose Execute (F8) .

Enter the <logical system of the source system>, for example E10CLNT300, and choose Execute (F8).

The report displays a log of the success, warning and error messages for the configuration settings determined during the check. This allows you to easily find out, which settings are not yet correct and leads you to the respective configuration settings where you can make corrections.

Next Step

If the check report does not display any errors, you can start the initial data transfer of projects from the source system using transaction CJAL in the source system

Key SAP Notes

  • 2753107
  • 2753528

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